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Renaissance Challenge – Handbag Cake!

I immediately thought of SHOPPING when I saw the post on the Renaissance Challenge hosted by Chickenless Kitchen! The challenge was to make a food item that looked like your hobby. My hobbies used to be shopping and then cooking (in that order), but the order has now been reversed! Most of my shopping (especially these days) is spent in the grocery stores and that counts as kitchen time! My other hobby (when I am not in the kitchen or on the computer) is to go shopping and check out all the latest clothes, shoes and handbags!

After taking on this challenge, I now remember why I am not a Wilton cake baking kind of gal, however, being the kind of shopping gal that I am, I decided to take on and complete the challenge anyway! I was aware going in to this that if I was going to do a theme cake, I had to do something pretty basic. My first bright idea was a shoe cake (since awesome shoes are my favorite single item to buy), however creating a shoe seemed a bit daunting (after all, as well as not being a cake gal, I am no Manolo!). Hmmm….a handbag….now I was on to something!

So, as any good Fashionista (that is not Foodista) would know, one of the most coveted handbags on earth is a bag with the two little C’s entwined – a Chanel handbag. I figured this would be a classic shape (ie. easy to make) and most recognizable since Coco Chanel was certainly a notable figure. Even if you don’t give a flip about clothes, you probably know who she is (how about perfume and make-up?) and have to admit that she truly was a fashion icon.

The last theme type cake that I made was of Mickey Mouse for my 4-year-old son (who will be 21 this year), so you will understand my expertise level in this area. That cake was baked in one large bowl (the head) and two smaller bowls (the ears!) and it also had black frosting (yuck!). So, if you are not entirely impressed with my latest foray in to cake baking, you might now know why. I make one every 17 years!

Anyway, I wanted to put forth the effort to take part in the Renaissance Challenge. It was fun to bake the cake and play around a bit. Now I even know how to make, dye and use gum paste mix and you never know when you might need that skill again!



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