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Ten in 2010 Challenge – Week 9 Update (I promise to do better!)

This is my weekend post for the Ten in 2010 Challenge which is a group of bloggers that have committed to ten weeks to get healthy in the New Year.

WOW! It is Week 9 already! I have to say that I have been remiss in my posts. Frankly, I skipped last weekend because I was really busy embarrassed. Well, actually, I was a little of both.

I had a very exciting weekend last week over a few little cupcakes (which incidentally, should not have been baked in my kitchen while on a so-called diet)! The picture of the “cupcake farm” (as my hubby called it!) was submitted to Tastespotting and Foodgawker and it was accepted on both sites! Well, that sure makes for a great stats day! Then I woke up to the Foodbuzz Top 9 Sunday morning! It was a fun weekend because it was the first time that had happened since I started the blog, so I was excited and preoccupied and did not write my Week 8 Update. I am sure that many food bloggers have their photos accepted on these food porn sites on a regular basis, but I am easily amused at this point! 😉

And now that cute little boozy, chocolate cupcake is a finalist in The Great American Baking Contest for Share Our Strength in Atlanta! So, it’s still affecting my food and exercise plans since I have to make more this week for the judging this coming Thursday. I have also signed up for the Daring Bakers and have my first challenge this month, so there will be all sorts of goodies in my house over the next few weeks. Yikes!

I would also like to say that our weather has not been cooperative in the least in Atlanta. We had snow again this week! How can I get totally motivated when all I want to do is hide inside and stay warm? The temps are supposed to start rising this coming week, so walking around the block without frostbite will be possible soon.

In addition, I have flat-out been lazy (as in no real exercise) and I have not really committed to my original goals. Part of my blame thanks goes to my new friend Rob from Montaluce Winery. We met a couple of weeks ago at the Stir It 28 event in Atlanta a couple weeks ago. Rob suggested that I get a Twitter account because it is a great networking tool. Now I knew that Twitter was big for food bloggers, but I had promised my hubby not to get on yet another blog or social networking site since I have become somewhat obsessed (which makes it more difficult to find exercise time). Well, I did get on Twitter (anyway) and it has been a great way to connect with other bloggers, food and wine people. So, thanks Rob and by the way, Montaluce has a mean Chardonnay! 🙂 So now, how do I exercise, diet and lose weight with all this computer time, cooking and baking?

Well, I did come up with some new ideas, but there were some objections.

1. Go to mall and shop more (especially for shoes!) – lots of walking involved. Husband said flat-out “NO!”
2. Go to grocery stores and farmer’s market and buy more food to cook – moderate walking involved. Husband say “NO! No more cooking!”
3. Master Cleanse Fast – My friend is on this right now. I have not heard from her in a few days. Is she still alive??? I guess you will lose weight if it doesn’t kill you first! 😉 This wasn’t a topic for discussion!

I guess I need to go back to the basics and just eat better and get moving. There is no easy or crazy fix for this! It is soooo hard when I spend so much time doing what I do. It has become much more difficult to take even a little bit of time to exercise. It is always shoved to the bottom of the list of to-dos.

I have to turn it around for Week 10! That is the last week the I have to tell anyone what I have been up to, so after that no one will really know. But, I will know and I am the one that has to live with the few extra pounds (my hubby too!). So, I am going to give it the ole Girl Scout promise to make the last week count! And we all know that girl scouts are a trustworthy bunch (except the one that we bought cookies from…she has disappeared!). 😉


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Ten in 2010 – Week 7 Update (California, here I come!)

This is my weekly update on the Ten in 2010 Challenge, which is a group of bloggers who have committed to getting healthy in the first 10 weeks of the new year.

It is always good to have a goal when trying to stick with a diet. My last real goal was to get slim and trim for a big trip to Europe last October. I did what I needed to do, reached my goal and even stayed the same weight while I was gone (probably because we walked so much). The next goal I had was to squeeze into this awesome dress that I purchased for a wedding. I did it and the dress looked great! I am sure that would be a bit of a challenge right now to get into that dress, so I am glad that is not the current goal! 😉

My new goal is to loose a few pounds and get in better shape for a trip to California! Going on a trip is always great inspiration to get moving and eat healthier foods, so this should work! I am actually going to Camp Blogaway in Southern California in May! Sunny California, here I come!

I do not know how things have been going with your eating habits, but mine have been out of control this week. Valentine’s Day seemed to turn into Valentine’s week and it was really ugly! Dinner out, cooking in…it just did not matter. It was all bad! The snow and cold weather sure did not help with trying to stay on track. All I wanted to do was cook and eat and sip wine and stay warm…so I did! My hubby even said yesterday that we have to give all the food a rest! He went backwards with his diet plans this week as well.

The good news is that yesterday was 60 degrees and the weekend is supposed to be just as warm. Yeah! We will be able to get out and walk and get moving. No more slugs sitting around inside the house!

I am excited to go to Camp Blogaway and meet new friends and learn how to do this blogging stuff better. It should be great fun and very informative. It will definitely inspire me to do what I need to do to get back into some Summer duds and get where I need to be with my weight and exercise situation.

I have a little over 2 months and I am determined. I am going back to my original commitment to eat healthier foods EVERY DAY and exercise at least 5 days a week. If I can stick with the plan, I should be where I need to be by May and ready to head to California!

I hope you are having success with your own Ten in 2010 Challenge and that there is a trip or event in your future that keeps you inspired to keep on going with your lifestyle change.


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Ten in 2010 – Week 6 Update (What, Me Worry?)

This is my weekly update for the Ten in 2010 Challenge which is group of bloggers that have committed to getting healthy in the first ten weeks of the New Year.

Oooohhhh…that was really hard to type in Week 6 Update! I cannot believe I am already at week 7 and not further along in this process! I have, however, taken a new attitude towards dieting and exercise! So, here it goes…in the words of the great philosopher and fine scholar, Alfred E. Neuman, “What, Me Worry?”.

I have decided that I will get where I need to be at some point in the near future. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but I know it will happen, because it always does! When crunch time comes I will always lose those few pounds! Now, as far as eating all the right foods and banning the rest, that is far more of a challenge.

We have definitely cut some things out, but having a cooking blog is a dangerous hobby/business for those that need to be watching their food intake. What would you rather look at – pictures of flourless chocolate cake or broiled fish? Just be honest about it! So, that would be the hazards of doing what I do. Losing weight will always be more of a challenge.

I have also decided that part of wanting certain foods is because I cannot have them. I decided to move on to Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet because I was soooo craving bread and crackers and fruit, etc. Well, guess what? Once I could have them, I really did not care if I ate them or not! Crackers were sort of yummy because I wanted something crunchy, but bread, who cares? I ate a half of a grapefruit one morning and had some oj on another, but the funny thing was, I kept going back to that V8 juice (because I could have a V8! 😉 )!

I will tell you something else that put things in perspective. I was at a ladies neighborhood Valentine’s Party. We have this little shindig every year and drink wine and eat old Southern Living types of dishes (chicken curry casserole, mandarin gelatin salad, rolls, cupcakes with white icing and pink flowers!). Not the menu I would have planned, but heh, it still is fun to get together.

Anyway, I was talking to a former neighbor who recently lost her husband quite suddenly to cancer. He apparently had been stricken with it for some time, but they were not aware of it. When they did find this out, he passed away 6 weeks later. I did not know this when I was speaking to this woman and I happened to mention how we used to enjoy seeing her husband with his scotch and cigar sitting outside in the evenings with his dog. He was a neighborhood legend.

Well, of course, she then told me that he was gone and the story of what happened to him. She also shared with me how she had been sitting around feeling sorry for herself for a while (which is entirely expected and normal), and that she had started to get an old lady’s belly. Instead of continuing along that path, she picked herself up, decided to get moving and asked her doctor for the name of a personal trainer. He mentioned that some patients were taking Pilates and loved it. So, off she went to take some classes!

She said she has never felt better, she looks great and she wants me to give her a call and go to the same studio. I have taken Pilates in the past and it does wonderful things for your body, mind and spirit. I thought to myself after speaking with this woman that life is all good. Every day we are here is a good day and that tomorrow is as good a day as any to start back at the diet and exercise thing.

You never know what life will hand you. My hubby and I have been through more challenges than I could fit on a page, so you know what, week 6 was not so hot, but there is always week 7 and 8 and so on and so forth!

So what if we ate the wrong stuff one day or drank wine with friends? If this woman can get going at her age, then we all should be able to do it and stop stressing about it.

Therefore, I say, good for all of you that have been totally committed to your Ten in 2010 challenge! I admire your tenacity. And to those of you that are more like me and have some good days and some bad ones, good luck next week! The good news is that you can pick yourself up and start over and over again! Most importantly, enjoy every day for what it is!

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Ten in 2010 – Week 5 Update (Does Spring cleaning count as exercise?)

This is my weekly post updating my progress in Ten in 2010 – the challenge with other bloggers to get healthy in the first ten weeks of the New Year.

I am almost upset enough to not post this week. I really had a tough week trying to stay with the new diet and exercise plan. It was a rather frustrating time midway through this 10 week challenge.

Last weekend ended with me getting on a major campaign to do some Spring cleaning! I know that Spring is nowhere in sight, but I have neglected the housekeeping as of late (could we possibly guess why????). So, I woke up on Sunday morning with all sorts of energy and decided to go for it! Well, things were so much in disarray that the cleaning went over to Monday and into Tuesday. That still left cleaning out closets and drawers and some other miscellaneous chores. (That would be the next week’s project!).

I must have done 20 loads of laundry washing all the little things that have piled up recently. I have a stack of ironing 2 feet high that I keep staring at. I was so exhausted after all of this strenuous “exercise” and high levels of stress from cleaning overload, I did not get on my treadmill for more than 2 days.

I was, however, sticking to my diet for the most part until I woke up one morning totally starving and then I went for the slice of whole wheat toast with my egg (oh, no!). It was over after that! I realized just how hungry I have been and how much I missed eating somewhat normal foods most days. So, I completely went off schedule that day and had pasta for dinner and ate some of my Meyer lemon sorbet for dessert (which by the way, is incredible and totally worth the calories!).

That was Wednesday and I have tried to get back on track since then, but I have certainly not gotten on the scale! I think I weigh about the same (jean check). After all, cleaning the house does burn a ton of calories. 😉 I just feel bad because I lost the focus. I believe part of this was due to our miserable, rainy and cold weather. It has been depressing and easy to stay inside and keep doing computer stuff, housekeeping and of course, cooking!

In addition to these somewhat self-inflicted situations, I have also had the neighbors bearing “bad” food (hot chocolate chip oatmeal cookies) at 9:30 pm Monday night. Thank goodness I had a hubby and son to munch on those (although I had to check them out to make sure they were good). I also had the neighborly invitation for wine at 5 pm (twice, no less, during the week) and the “I have to eat out because I am too tired to cook after cleaning all day” kind of night on no less than 2 occasions!

I am determined to get back at it next week. I cannot count on the weather, so I better get myself in gear to get moving (and that doesn’t mean just cleaning out the drawers) and find a way to balance foods so I do not get hungry enough to toss out the whole diet plan and eat my way to the back of the fridge. I just need to excuse myself until Monday am because this is Super Bowl weekend and we all know this weekend all bets are off (or on!). 😉

My plan going into Week 6 is to go forward with Phase 3 of the South Beach diet which will allow me to eat some of the things I want, in moderation. Then hopefully, I will not get so hungry! I am also going to commit to more regular exercise and hope desperately for sunshine and warm weather!

Good luck to all of you in your challenge to get and stay fit in the New Year!


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Ten in 2010 – Week 4 Update – And the crowd went wild!

Here is my weekly update on the Ten in 2010 challenge – a program I have joined with other bloggers to get healthy in the first 10 weeks of the New Year.

As I was sitting in my den munching on leftover roasted brussel sprouts for lunch one day (eeewwww!), because I was not allowed anything else that I had in the fridge, cabinet or freezer, I wondered if I could really, truly stick to this diet stuff! Why not just give it up and take the clothes to the tailor? First of all, that would cost way too much. Secondly, I knew that there were foods out there to eat (other than brussel sprouts), I just had to get shopping and get excited about my goals and commitment to myself. Besides, if I don’t get going now, how many more inches are left to keep letting those seams out?

I did try some juicing last weekend and found what I tried to be quite tasty and obviously uber healthy, however, I did not think I could do the detox thing and live by juice alone (as I mentioned last week). I was so hungry with just juicing…I knew that I would be setting myself up for failure and would be eating the first bagel or brownie that came my way.

So instead, I opted for my old vacation spot…South Beach (it’s sort of like the old shoe – you just keep going back to it!). I am used to the diet, I know what is allowed, I know how I will feel (craving bread like crazy!), etc. etc. The toughest part truly is giving up fruit and breads for the first 2 weeks. (Can I just have one cracker…please?!). I know I will be fine once I get past the initial hurdle. And as I mentioned last week, I will be far more inclined to stay with the plan when I see results.

So, I did have a few slip ups this week (how can I not when I am around food constantly?). We had some plans with friends, but honestly, I really tried to remove myself from most social situations where I would just pitch the dieting thing and have to start from square one AGAIN. I can’t avoid total interaction with friends and neighbors, but it definitely is tougher to say “no” when everyone around you is eating and drinking.

Now for the good news…Yeah! Applause! I did all the things I was supposed to do EVERY day…warm water and lemon in the mornings, stretching and getting on the treadmill (oops! I missed one day). I now need to get the upper body exercises going (and no, lifting a dutch oven from the stove to the oven does not count!). I avoided major food and wine disasters and best of all…..drum roll….I lost 3 pounds! My jeans are feeling better (yeah!) and we all know that matters as much as what that old scale says!

I was even having fun on the treadmill singing along with my iPod. So much fun that my husband had to come and shut the door (do I really sing that badly???). Here is the song I was singing…the live version of Lucy in the Sky with Elton John and John Lennon. There is nothing better to get you moving! I hope it works for you. Click here to sing along!

After a successful week, I do feel better and I do have more energy. It is a good feeling to go in to week 5. I just have to keep reminding myself that Spring is coming and I will be wearing less bulky clothes, so I need to get in shape. Most importantly, it is better for long-term health to have a few less pounds and eat healthier foods. That truly is the real purpose in doing this.

Good luck to all of you in your challenge!


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