Ten in 2010 – Week 6 Update (What, Me Worry?)

This is my weekly update for the Ten in 2010 Challenge which is group of bloggers that have committed to getting healthy in the first ten weeks of the New Year.

Oooohhhh…that was really hard to type in Week 6 Update! I cannot believe I am already at week 7 and not further along in this process! I have, however, taken a new attitude towards dieting and exercise! So, here it goes…in the words of the great philosopher and fine scholar, Alfred E. Neuman, “What, Me Worry?”.

I have decided that I will get where I need to be at some point in the near future. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but I know it will happen, because it always does! When crunch time comes I will always lose those few pounds! Now, as far as eating all the right foods and banning the rest, that is far more of a challenge.

We have definitely cut some things out, but having a cooking blog is a dangerous hobby/business for those that need to be watching their food intake. What would you rather look at – pictures of flourless chocolate cake or broiled fish? Just be honest about it! So, that would be the hazards of doing what I do. Losing weight will always be more of a challenge.

I have also decided that part of wanting certain foods is because I cannot have them. I decided to move on to Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet because I was soooo craving bread and crackers and fruit, etc. Well, guess what? Once I could have them, I really did not care if I ate them or not! Crackers were sort of yummy because I wanted something crunchy, but bread, who cares? I ate a half of a grapefruit one morning and had some oj on another, but the funny thing was, I kept going back to that V8 juice (because I could have a V8! 😉 )!

I will tell you something else that put things in perspective. I was at a ladies neighborhood Valentine’s Party. We have this little shindig every year and drink wine and eat old Southern Living types of dishes (chicken curry casserole, mandarin gelatin salad, rolls, cupcakes with white icing and pink flowers!). Not the menu I would have planned, but heh, it still is fun to get together.

Anyway, I was talking to a former neighbor who recently lost her husband quite suddenly to cancer. He apparently had been stricken with it for some time, but they were not aware of it. When they did find this out, he passed away 6 weeks later. I did not know this when I was speaking to this woman and I happened to mention how we used to enjoy seeing her husband with his scotch and cigar sitting outside in the evenings with his dog. He was a neighborhood legend.

Well, of course, she then told me that he was gone and the story of what happened to him. She also shared with me how she had been sitting around feeling sorry for herself for a while (which is entirely expected and normal), and that she had started to get an old lady’s belly. Instead of continuing along that path, she picked herself up, decided to get moving and asked her doctor for the name of a personal trainer. He mentioned that some patients were taking Pilates and loved it. So, off she went to take some classes!

She said she has never felt better, she looks great and she wants me to give her a call and go to the same studio. I have taken Pilates in the past and it does wonderful things for your body, mind and spirit. I thought to myself after speaking with this woman that life is all good. Every day we are here is a good day and that tomorrow is as good a day as any to start back at the diet and exercise thing.

You never know what life will hand you. My hubby and I have been through more challenges than I could fit on a page, so you know what, week 6 was not so hot, but there is always week 7 and 8 and so on and so forth!

So what if we ate the wrong stuff one day or drank wine with friends? If this woman can get going at her age, then we all should be able to do it and stop stressing about it.

Therefore, I say, good for all of you that have been totally committed to your Ten in 2010 challenge! I admire your tenacity. And to those of you that are more like me and have some good days and some bad ones, good luck next week! The good news is that you can pick yourself up and start over and over again! Most importantly, enjoy every day for what it is!


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