Ten in 2010 – Week 4 Update – And the crowd went wild!

Here is my weekly update on the Ten in 2010 challenge – a program I have joined with other bloggers to get healthy in the first 10 weeks of the New Year.

As I was sitting in my den munching on leftover roasted brussel sprouts for lunch one day (eeewwww!), because I was not allowed anything else that I had in the fridge, cabinet or freezer, I wondered if I could really, truly stick to this diet stuff! Why not just give it up and take the clothes to the tailor? First of all, that would cost way too much. Secondly, I knew that there were foods out there to eat (other than brussel sprouts), I just had to get shopping and get excited about my goals and commitment to myself. Besides, if I don’t get going now, how many more inches are left to keep letting those seams out?

I did try some juicing last weekend and found what I tried to be quite tasty and obviously uber healthy, however, I did not think I could do the detox thing and live by juice alone (as I mentioned last week). I was so hungry with just juicing…I knew that I would be setting myself up for failure and would be eating the first bagel or brownie that came my way.

So instead, I opted for my old vacation spot…South Beach (it’s sort of like the old shoe – you just keep going back to it!). I am used to the diet, I know what is allowed, I know how I will feel (craving bread like crazy!), etc. etc. The toughest part truly is giving up fruit and breads for the first 2 weeks. (Can I just have one cracker…please?!). I know I will be fine once I get past the initial hurdle. And as I mentioned last week, I will be far more inclined to stay with the plan when I see results.

So, I did have a few slip ups this week (how can I not when I am around food constantly?). We had some plans with friends, but honestly, I really tried to remove myself from most social situations where I would just pitch the dieting thing and have to start from square one AGAIN. I can’t avoid total interaction with friends and neighbors, but it definitely is tougher to say “no” when everyone around you is eating and drinking.

Now for the good news…Yeah! Applause! I did all the things I was supposed to do EVERY day…warm water and lemon in the mornings, stretching and getting on the treadmill (oops! I missed one day). I now need to get the upper body exercises going (and no, lifting a dutch oven from the stove to the oven does not count!). I avoided major food and wine disasters and best of all…..drum roll….I lost 3 pounds! My jeans are feeling better (yeah!) and we all know that matters as much as what that old scale says!

I was even having fun on the treadmill singing along with my iPod. So much fun that my husband had to come and shut the door (do I really sing that badly???). Here is the song I was singing…the live version of Lucy in the Sky with Elton John and John Lennon. There is nothing better to get you moving! I hope it works for you. Click here to sing along!

After a successful week, I do feel better and I do have more energy. It is a good feeling to go in to week 5. I just have to keep reminding myself that Spring is coming and I will be wearing less bulky clothes, so I need to get in shape. Most importantly, it is better for long-term health to have a few less pounds and eat healthier foods. That truly is the real purpose in doing this.

Good luck to all of you in your challenge!



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2 responses to “Ten in 2010 – Week 4 Update – And the crowd went wild!

  1. Congratulations on your progress. You’re doing a great job. I should do the singing part too. 😀

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