Ten in 2010 – Week 3 Update (How many more weeks are there???)

As some of you might know, I have signed up with other bloggers to take part in the Ten in 2010 challenge (10 weeks to get healthy in the New Year). Here is my update for week 3 (as sorry as it might be!) and my new promise to myself – Just Say No!

I have decided that short of locking myself in a dark closet for the next 7 weeks (and possibly the rest of my life), I will not be able to avoid food and wine and friends. Now the “friend” stuff is fine all by itself, but friends usually leads to getting together and that in turn leads to lunch or dinner in a restaurant or entertaining at someone’s home and that ultimately leads to your diet going right out the window! Just bring on the food and the wine!

On the positive side – I have been faithfully (yes, every morning) drinking my lemon juice and warm water (I bet you are saying “So what!”) and I have exercised by stretching and doing the treadmill all but 2 days (one of those mornings followed the magnum of Cava that showed up at our door with neighbors bearing bad (but, really tasty food!) and excessive amounts of sparkling wine)!

I also have been thoughtful about most everything I have had at mealtimes. After all, I am starting to feel beyond embarrassed that I cannot control myself! I have been careful about ordering in restaurants and have avoided the bread basket for the most part (but, gosh it is French bread….). The only night I really blew the whole thing out of whack was the neighbors with bad food and Cava night, so I suppose one slip up is not too bad….

However, I have not dared to put one foot on the scale this week (although one foot’s weight might be all I care to see!). I know I will be discouraged because my jeans are just as snug as last week. And as I mentioned in the Week 2 Update, every girl knows how much weight they have lost by how their jeans feel and mine are not feeling so good right now!

I have decided that come bright and early Monday morning I will Just Say No! and be committed to either a 3 day detox plan if I don’t faint before it is over (please don’t take away my coffee!!!). Or I will go back on Phase One of the South Beach Diet (and I can assure you that if you went to South Beach and saw what is there to see you too would be on this diet yesterday!). I just do not think that doing this wishy-washy, I can control myself, but I can’t stuff is working (do you think???)!

I need some hard and fast rules to stick by even if it is for a few days or a week or hopefully longer. I need to jump-start the whole process. I know that once you feel thinner it becomes addictive and you are motivated to continue. However, when one day you feel great and the next day you have totally wrecked the progress it just makes going forward all the more difficult.

So, on to Week 4 with a juicer ready to go and a handful of aspirin to kill the wicked headache I will get with no caffeine! Good luck to all of you in your own Ten in 2010 challenge!



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2 responses to “Ten in 2010 – Week 3 Update (How many more weeks are there???)

  1. You can do this!! Just think about how great those jeans are going to feel when they’re a bit loose? I have good days & bad… but I just keep thinking how many people are attempting this challenge & I feel I need to keep up. My ten weeks will continue all the way into summer! Good luck!

    • This week has been better. I have said “NO” for the most part (except for the wine….). Neighbors and friends are hard to say “no” to! I have lost a few pounds (yeah!) and I have been exercising and eating what I am supposed to, so I guess I am on the right track. It is so hard when you love to cook and eat, but we can do it…Spring will be here soon! Good luck to you!

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