Week 2 Update – Ten in 2010 (Stuff Happens!)

This is my Week 2 Update in the challenge with other food bloggers to start a healthier lifestyle in 2010 (Ten in 2010).

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

This cartoon pretty much describes how I am feeling at the end of Week 2! This is the week when life completely got in the way of my diet plans! I had such great intentions and then it all went you know where in a hand basket! I was on a roll at the beginning of the week. I was feeling good and energized and I started to stretch and get on the treadmill (listening to great tunes, I might add!). I was eating as one should eat when on a new plan to get and stay healthy.

Then…one morning a good friend called and said her Suburban had been swiped right out from under her nose and her window (literally!) while sleeping. If you would see where she lives you would not believe this could happen! So, I pitched in (as a good friend should) and we went to lunch (I had a chopped salad with grilled chicken, no cheese and vinaigrette on the side, just in case you were wondering). However, to calm her nerves, I did join her in a glass of wine. We then took a drive to the airport to pick up her husband’s car in the long-term parking lot (he is in China) until Onstar located her car. Well, that day was pretty much down the tubes. With all that was going on, I did not feel like facing the treadmill!

Of course, two days later we were dealing with a very sick dog that was pathetically ill, lethargic and generally not moving at all. Frankly, I was terrified that we were dealing with something very bad. We were up all night, then at the vet leaving my poor puppy first thing in the morning. $505.00 later, we get a call from the vet to find out that he has a terrible infection and he needed meds and extra TLC, but that everything would be fine. Of course, then we had to go back to pick up our pup. Naturally, after being up all night with a sick dog, I needed a nap and was not at all interested in that treadmill downstairs.

That would then be followed by my good chick friend and neighbor’s call to come and visit for a glass of wine (that is the 2nd neighbor this week that called with that invitation, that, of course, I cheerfully accepted). She and her hubby had been in San Fransisco and we wanted to catch up and she wanted to see my Budino on Foodie Views of the Day (yeah!). So much for controlling oneself during these crises and social invites!

In between all of this, I had my braces adjusted…ouch! No crunchy, healthy salads for me!

To top it all off, we then had dinner out with a friend Thursday night! We had a few glasses of French Chardonnay at her house (our selection that we brought over – yum!) before going to dinner. I passed on the nibbles and appetizer, but did order Coq au Vin….uuuggghhhhh…It was so good! After all, a girl’s gotta eat! Besides, there was no broiled fish choice on that menu. What was I to do?

Now, honestly, I have been good with food for the most part. I have been craving spicy foods, but have been thoughtful about how they are prepared. I am religiously drinking my warm water and lemon in the mornings and taking my vitamins. I, however, have not checked the scales for fear of total humiliation. Besides, every girl knows that a better judge of weight lost is how one fits in their jeans. Enough said about that!

I did redeem myself at the end of the week, but this week should just be written off as a total disaster. It really is difficult to stay with the plan when all these obstacles come at you to throw you off track!

With this embarrassment now admitted to all, I go forward into Week 3 with greater determination than ever to not let life sidetrack me! I also think that a rise in temperatures in Antarctic Atlanta will aid in this goal. It will be more imperative than ever to shed these extra pounds once temps rise and skin is exposed and Spring is here!

So, on to Week 3 of 10! Good luck to all of you in your goals to stay on track!



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2 responses to “Week 2 Update – Ten in 2010 (Stuff Happens!)

  1. I love your confessions 😉 I just got back from a week in Mexico, where I actually did very well. But I got sick at the end of my trip, and now I’m faced with being out of the routine of going to the gym. I’ve simply got to find a way to get back on track. We can do this, right??!

    • Thank you for the comment! It is so tough to keep on track! We now have all these plans this week revolving around food and wine! I am definitely committed to exercising every day, if nothing else. By the way, watch out for that Mexican bug! My neighbor became very sick (and it was long-term) after a trip to Cancun. Hope you feel better and can get back on the plan. It was 60 degrees here yesterday, so I am getting more motivated as I know I will be shedding layers of clothing soon!

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