Guido’s – Show me the money or I’ll send my Uncle to escort you out!

Well, I was not thinking about this event while I was writing all my happy thoughts about our great experiences in Singaluna and Siena. And I certainly had forgotten about one bad Italian restaurant when I had such a great Bolognese Sauce at another. However, at my husband’s suggestion, here is a review of our experience at Guido’s in Siena, Italy.

It was drizzling and overcast our second day we were in Tuscany. It fact, it continued to be that way until the day we left. As I had mentioned, my husband (who was going through chemotherapy and recovering from surgery at the time) came down with a virus right at the very end of our two-week trip. He had done great until we reached Tuscany. It was on this day when we ventured back to Siena that he really started to feel bad.

It was about 2 pm when we decided we had enough sightseeing and started to go back to the hotel. My husband was not hungry, but I was really hungry and could not find a quick place to grab a bite to eat. Everything shuts down for a few hours about mid-afternoon in Europe, so I was out of luck until we finally saw Guido Ristorante. It was down a narrow street in a medieval building. It was open and I was about to have lunch (or so I thought).

The restaurant had some diners in what seemed to be various stages of their meals. There were a few large tables getting plates of pasta and other dishes, so I knew the kitchen was still open. We were promptly greeted and seated by the maitre d’ at a small table for 2 in a corner. The waiter arrived and asked for our beverage order. We asked for large bottle of sparkling water and a small carafe of house red wine. Everything seemed fine and we quickly got our bottle of water with glasses.

The waiter then took the food order. I asked for a salad and a pasta dish. My husband told the waiter he was not feeling well and would not be having anything to eat. We had at that point ordered approximately 30 Euros worth of food and drink.

It was a mere few seconds later that the maitre d’ came back and asked what my husband was going to have to eat. He explained the situation and then we were promptly asked to leave. They insisted that we both order food or else we had to go. He could not afford to hold a table for 2 with such a small order. Hello…they were maybe at 25% capacity and it was 2pm!

Of course, my husband was angry, but I grabbed him and said let’s go. Foolishly, we left money for the water that we did not even drink. As we walked down the street, my husband let his Italian get the better of him and back he went to give the maitre d’ a piece of his now infuriated Italian mind!

I will say that after all the places we have traveled to and all the restaurants where we have dined, we have truly never been treated so rudely in our lives. I told the hotel upon our return and they informed me that they do not recommend Guido’s to guests as it is a very old restaurant and more of a tourist spot.

I have never written a review on any website about the place. I suppose I should have. It was just amazing that we ordered a meal and it was not good enough for them to serve us. We have never forgotten that experience. Most Italians are very gracious, welcoming people. We even had one gentleman that we met in line at the Duomo in Florence invite us back to dinner at his house in Florence with his family. This hospitality was lost somewhere between there and Guido Ristorante in Siena.


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