Hello. Is anyone out there????

I always thought that people who feel the need to blog  do not have a life.  I guess I now am officially without a life!  I never understood why anyone would care about what other people were doing on almost a minute by minute basis (Twitter).  Who cares anyway?  I guess now I will care if someone else is interested in what I am doing and what I think.

I spend (and have spent) much of my life in the kitchen.  Cooking is a passion, a hobby, it is therapeutic and rewarding.  I started cooking rather elaborate dishes when I was very young.  I remember making Beef Fondue, Quiche, Crepes Suzette and Bananas Foster for family when I was in 7th grade.  It sounds as though I had some fire fetish thing going on, but I was really into all the fancy dishes and entertaining.  I went to work in several restaurants when I was a little older.  Although I was under the legal age to work in these places, I convinced the management how serious I was about owning my own restaurant later in life.  I wanted hands on training and I was willing to do whatever it took to get the job.

In high school, I would always prepare dinner parties for friends (complete with wine as long as no one drove home!).  I was convinced I was destined to be a chef because of my love of cooking.  I obtained  information on cooking schools in France (La Varenne and Le Cordon Bleu), but was dissuaded by the college counselor to attend a culinary school.  Instead, she really wanted me to look into Cornell’s Hotel and Restaurant Management program.  I was not interested in running a hotel or a restaurant.  I wanted to be in the kitchen.  I do not think that anyone really understood my desire to cook.  I really just wanted to cook.  I did not want to go to college.  I had visions of owning my own restaurant and never saw me doing anything else.

When I went off to college (instead of culinary school), I became very confused about what to major in and never felt fulfilled.  I fumbled around for many years and finally did find a career that I loved and was good at, but I still had that feeling that I had really missed something in my life by not going to culinary school and doing what I truly was passionate about.

I am now cooking and baking more than ever  many years after the lost opportunity to attend the right school.  We put a professional kitchen in our house 2 years ago.  I am now known as the person that cooks really great dinners and always entertains.  Everyone needs to be known for doing something special.  I guess I cannot complain about my recognition.  We actually have a really difficult time going out to dinner now.  My husband always says “you cook better than this”.  I find that I feel that way too.  I am excited that I can turn out restaurant (or better) quality meals and share them with family and friends.  It is very satisfying to know that my dishes are truly enjoyed by others.

I now hope that I can share some of these recipes, tips, fun information, recommendations and restaurant reviews with all of you.  I am sure there will be much trial and error as I blog my way through (perhaps with a kitchen disaster or two along the way), but I am hoping that someone out there will read this and enjoy what I have to say as much as I enjoy the time I spend learning in the kitchen.

Music To Cook By…

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2 responses to “Hello. Is anyone out there????

  1. What style of cooking do you prefer? I have been surprised at some of the dishes that I have prepared that were from Hungary and Russia. French and Italian are always a main stay but I like to mix it up a bit.

    • I will always choose French dishes as my favorites, but enjoy cooking Italian, Thai, some Spanish and Middle Eastern dishes as well. We have cooked boiled beef which was a dish they served in Vienna as well as Hungary. I must say it was pretty good. You eat the beef right out of the simmering broth and then the accompanying veggies. Finally, you eat the broth like soup. It was quite a meal!

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